Organize projects under milestones to tie them to larger company goals.

Linear app settings showing milestones page


Milestones are a way to categorize projects on the roadmap. You can use any type of milestone you like and we preconfigure them to be quarterly.

G then S to go to Settings > Workspace > Roadmap to configure milestones

G then R to go to Roadmap and edit Milestones


Create and edit milestones from the workspace roadmap settings page or from the button on the top bar of the roadmap.


Edit milestones

When you turn on milestones, we pre-populate the roadmap with quarterly milestones (e.g. Q1 2022). Go to workspace roadmap settings or press the Edit Milestones button from the top bar of the roadmap view to change milestones or reorder them. Click on milestone on the edit modal to change the name, select x to delete it, or hover over the milestone to bring up the reorder prompt. Milestones are a blank text field, so you can write anything, although the most common milestones are based on time (e.g. quarterly), theme, or goal (e.g. launch).

Associate projects

Move existing projects under other milestones by manually dragging and dropping them in place. You can do this from the roadmap or a team's project page. Any changes made to projects on the roadmap will be updated on the team project page and vice versa.


Upon enabling roadmap, you'll find a "milestone" labeled Upcoming at the bottom of the roadmap. This is the default location for projects that do not have a milestone selected. it is not possible to delete or rename this milestone.

Remove milestones

There are two options for removing milestones from a view: deleting them or updating View Options.

Linear app showing the view options on the projects page

Delete milestones

Deleting milestones is permanent and irreversible, and will remove milestone data from projects and issues associated with it, so do it with caution. Delete the milestone from the Edit Milestone modal by hovering over the milestone and selecting x. It's not possible to delete a milestone if there are projects under it, so please move those to other milestones first.

Update View Options

Roadmap and project timeline views have a setting for Show empty milestones which controls which milestones appear on your timeline. Set it to show Upcoming even if it's empty, show only milestones with projects, or show all milestones even empty ones. This will effectively hide milestones from view when there are no more Active projects associated with them.

Errors deleting milestones

If you see an error that you cannot delete a milestone because it has projects, but do not see the projects, make sure to check your Active and Closed tabs as well as update View Options to show all completed projects. Then use either method above to delete or hide the milestone.