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Login restrictions

Choose how members of your workspace login to Linear.

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If you don't have SAML, you can restrict which login methods are allowed in your workspace for added security. We currently offer Google SSO and email logins, so this feature lets you require members to use only one of those options.

Read more about available login methods.

Admins can turn this setting on under Settings > Workspace > Security and then select which authentication methods to allow. You can update this at any time and must be on the Plus plan to enable this.

Claiming a domain prevents any other workspace from adding it as an allowed domain. Once you have an allowed email domain set up, you can head to Settings > Workspace > Members and click the "…" icon beside the allowed domain to start the process of claiming it.

During the process of claiming the domain, we will provide you with a text value to add to the root domain. This means you will need access to be able to edit the DNS records.