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Edit cycles

Adjust settings for cycles after you've started them.

Linear app showing how to adjust a cycles properties

As your team grows and changes, you may want to adjust how long cycles last, what days they start, or the naming and numbering for cycles. We make it easy to edit cycles anytime in your team's settings.

G then S to go to Settings > Team settings > Cycles

To change the cycle duration simply go to cycle settings under team settings and adjust the date and time interval. The changes will show up immediately but not retroactively (e.g. the next possible date). If you try to change the duration too close to the cycle end date, it won't apply until the following upcoming cycle.

You can delay an upcoming cycle's start time for 1-4 weeks later to adjust for team-wide breaks. From the Cycles view that lists all cycles, right-click over a cycle to bring up the Change cycle start time option. This will create a one-time cooldown between that cycle and the upcoming cycle. If you need to undo this, just right-click on the cycle after the cooldown you created and change the start time again.

Cycles can be renamed to be more descriptive. Use keyboard shortcut R or right-click on a cycle from the Cycles view to modify a highlighted Cycle’s name. We automatically detect naming patterns with <Word Number> such as Week 1 and will use your custom naming pattern when creating new cycles.

You can edit the cycle name at any stage and include a new cycle number. We will then automatically increment this number in future cycle names. When viewing a cycle, click on the overflow menu icon to edit the cycle and alter the cycle name.