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Delete issues

Delete issues you no longer need.

Linear menu showing the option to delete an issue


While archiving is always automated in Linear, you can always delete issues that you no longer want. We'll keep them in the trash for 30 days before permanently deleting them.

Cmd/Ctrl Backspace to delete issues

G then X to go to Recently deleted issues (Archive)

# to restore deleted issues


Delete issues

Delete issues with the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl Backspace from any board or list view. The issues will stay in the Recently deleted view for 30 days, after which they'll be permanently removed from your workspace. It is not possible to restore deleted issues after they have been permanently removed.

View deleted issues

Find deleted issues in your team's archive. They'll show up under the tab Recently deleted. Recently deleted issues will also show up in workspace search results.

Undo delete

If you accidentally delete an issue, the fastest way to restore it is to use Cmd/Ctrl Z. If that isn't an option (e.g. it wasn't the last action you took), then go to Recently deleted issues and use # to restore it.