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Gamechanger for our workflow

As our product teams have started using Linear, they’ve quickly come to love it. We asked everyone how they would feel if they had to use a different work management tool than their current choice. Around 80% of people using Linear said they would consider quitting if asked to switch tools.

We started using Linear while working on a new, intense project. We needed something that could keep up with a new team developing ways of working together. The project itself was moving quickly with constant changes to priority and scope. We spoke on looms multiple times a day but needed a tool to help us manage tasks. Everything we tried added more work to our plates.

Then we tried Linear and suddenly all our task management problems went away. I think one of the main reasons was the speed. The team felt that they could get into the tool, find what they were looking for or figure out what they needed to do, and then get back to work. That combined with the Inbox was helpful because now engineers felt like they could go to a single place to see what mattered to them. They didn’t have to go and look at the entire board or search through all the issues to figure it out.

The biggest challenge with these tools is usually adoption, but that hasn’t been an issue with Linear. People just started using it on their own. Engineers on the team could figure out how to use Linear without needing to ask for instructions. I remember one engineer who was skeptical of switching tools. We were on a Zoom call, and as I updated an issue in Linear, the change updated in his browser as fast as it displayed in Zoom on the screenshare, if not slightly faster. He audibly gasped. He didn’t need any convincing after that point.

I noticed an inflection point on the team when I saw that engineers were proactively creating their own issues and defining work within the tool. A lot of times, the project management tool can’t keep up with the pace of the work but Linear does. It is so easy to create at the speed of my thinking. I don’t have to wait for the software to keep up as I structure work. I don’t need to stop and think about how to organize the work, how it relates to other issues, or where to save it. I can just create.

Historically I haven’t been able to trust my project management tool to be a source of truth. It almost always lags the truth. That’s not the case with Linear – it’s always the best view of work.

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Justin Reidy
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